Monday, September 22, 2008

my stuff

Hi everyone, just having a go at this blogging. It's all new to me so please be nice. I thought today I would post some of my creations just to learn how things work. Everything is available from my ETSY site I hope you enjoy.


Dani said...

Very pretty.....and welcome to blog land!

Carey Lynn said...

I'm honored to be your first comment! I love the color scheme you've worked out. There's alot more you can do with links and photos, too. so try a few things---and visit my blog, too:)


Great blog with nice pictures.

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planettreasures said...

It looks great1 Very pretty.
Blogging is such fun, I'm sure you will enjoy it.
I havent been blogging long either, but I'm still getting the hang of it.

Faerie said...

Welcome to blogville ... be warned it's very addictive :-)


michvanetta said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blog land Carmel.

Have fun!