Sunday, February 22, 2009

My new shop

Well I finally did it!! I opened my second etsy shop and I called it lace and luxuries. I took me ages to think of a name as I wanted something to tie it to lace and links.
I intend selling everything but jewellery in here and as usual I jumped in with out being organised and it's taken 2 weeks for me to get 10 things listed. I should have waited until I had more but it's too late now.
I guess you can tell I love pretty-pink, lace, satin, florals are a joy to work with and to see something come out of my imagination and become real is the greatest feeling. For me to actually find someone who likes it as much as me is quite amazing.


lyptis said...

Nice shop Carmel!
I like ur new shop name even better!:)

Let me know about ur experience with ur new(second) shop!


planettreasures said...

good luck with your new venture.
It should go well if these are anything to go by.
I love the floral purse.

Chrisy said...

Great name...and a girl can never have too many pouches...