Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just made it

I have finally finished my June item for the 12 month craft challenge. I only just made it though.
I decided to make a ball for Joseph-with all the toys he has been given he doesn't have a ball. I made a pattern piece that I thought looked about right-I was wrong they were too fat so after sewing it all together I had to cut two panels out so it didn't look like a pumpkin! I used red ribbon for tags and different textured fabric. I think it looks ok now and more importantly he loves it.


Malcolm said...

Nice work Carmel! And Joseph is very cute too, he he.

Karen Brock said...

Hi Carmel,
Just thought I'd stop by and say Hi! and thank you for following my blog.
Your little boy is so sweet and there's nothing better for little boys than a soft toy made by Mum!

Karen Brock said...
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Barbara and Nancy said...

Hi Carmel,
What a clever idea. Joseph seems to love it. Love your choice of fabrics.