Monday, October 6, 2008


Feeling very lazy today! I think the last few weeks(whole year) has finally caught up with me. Since October last year I have cared for my Dad who shattered his knee, cared for Mum who had a heart attack and needed bypass surgery, had a hysterectomy, helped arrange a funeral for a friends son, watched this friend have a stroke. Unbelievable. At the time I thought Mums surgery was the worst but watching Dawn and Arnie go through ANOTHER of their child's deaths is the most heart breaking things I think I will ever see. Their daughter Leanne was killed 15 years ago in a car accident and now Daryl has gone, leaving a wife and 4 beautiful children. When they both said"we aren't parents anymore" it just broke me, because there is nothing you can do or say to make that better. Three weeks after Daryls death Arnie had a cerebral haemeorage and was flown to Adelaide(4hrs away), at 2am we drove down to meet him and stayed for a week. The ICU unit is one of the saddest places to sit, people saying good bye to their loved ones others wondering if they are going to make it through and still others making arrangements for organ donorship, so much pain and heart ache for one little room. The staff and volunteers in there need medals for what they do. Arnies progress will be long and slow but at least he is still here to share stories and laugh with. Watching it all brings back other painful memories though as my Dad had a haemoragge 20 years ago and then a stroke in 1993. We didn't think he would walk again as he was paralysed on his right side, he got his leg working but not his arm. Who cares that he can't hug with both arms-he walked me down the aisle and had a wedding dance with me so I have great memories. If anyone reading this is at a hospital waiting, hoping and praying for their loved one-hang in there, don't try to be tough and cry when you need to. And if there's anyone at Flinders in Adelaide heres some tips for you - Sturt River caravan Park is the best place to stay-the managers are the most beautiful people and it's close to the hospital, get yourself some eye drops, mouth wash and nasal spray-it all helps problems from the air conditioning, ask about discounted parking-you should be able to get it for about $25 per week instead of $12 per day, get yourself a pre-paid mobile-our pone bill for a month was $600+. That's all the tips I can think of right now but if you have any questions please ask me, if I don't know the answers I probably know someone who does. Thanks for reading and have a nice day

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hi, you have a very pretty blog, and a good layout. i would suggest breaking up your post into paragraphs, it's one big thing and looks like a challange at first glance :)